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How To Start A Staffing Agency

How To Start A Staffing Agency

A Step-By-Step Guide

Helping people find work and delivering quality help to companies in need can be very rewarding. Yet temporary staffing is a complicated business; getting it all set up and functioning is a lot of work. When economies turn around and grow, demands for temporary staff rise and those capable of delivering the right staff can do very well for themselves.

peopleStep 1. Incorporate or establish your business entity with a unique and memorable name. You’ll need something that will help you stand out and build name recognition down the road. If you intend to serve a specialty industry, consider incorporating something from that industry in your name.

Step 2. Obtain a business license for any city or county in which you operate. If you operate multiple offices, this may mean multiple licenses. Keep your operation legal, as staffing is an industry where litigation can easily happen and you don’t want to be found with anything out of order.

Step 3. Secure sufficient financing to operate without revenues for at least six months. You have to be able to make payroll for your temporary staff as well as any recruiting and sales staff in your office. Clients don’t always pay their invoices as quickly as you would like. You have to be prepared for a significant gap in cash flow. You will also have all your start-up capital and marketing expenditures to consider.

Step 4. Purchase liability insurance for your business including worker’s compensation insurance. Your temporary staff may be performing important functions for your clients. Their mistakes are your mistakes. You don’t have direct supervision of your employees and anything can happen to them when they’re at the worksite. With so many variables beyond your control, you need good insurance.

Step 5. Set up a system allowing for frequent payroll; staffing agencies pay their temporary staff weekly. While you can purchase payroll software or start with manual checks, many start-ups and small businesses choose to outsource to payroll services.

download (3)Step 6. Purchase mailing lists and phone directories for the industry or industries you intend to serve. You’ll need materials both for recruiting and for soliciting clients. Consider resources such as professional licensure lists, trade association directories and mailing lists purchased through list brokers.

Step 7. Open accounts with social media sites, as many companies use them as a successful recruiting and marketing tool. Social media — particularly business oriented sites — allow you to seek out recruits who meet your needs as well as connect directly with key decision makers and managers of potential clients. If you can get prospective recruits and clients to link to your account, you have a solid avenue way to disseminate new recruiting needs and staff availabilities.

Step 8. Plan your recruiting and sales strategies. The best methods vary based on your target industry and types of positions you intend to fill. Cold call both clients and recruits. Employ direct mail, advertising in trade publications, advertising in newspapers, sponsoring local or industry events, posting to job boards, “drop-by” visits to potential clients, attending trade association events, email blasts and soliciting referrals from current contacts.

Step 9. Secure office space if you intend to have staff and a place where clients and recruits can come visit.

Step 10. Hire sales and recruiting staff if you plan to be more than a one-person operation. Both recruiting and selling to clients involves good sales talent. Look for someone with a successful track record in staffing or the industries you intend to serve

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How To Start Cleaning Business

How To Start Cleaning Business


House Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

images (1)House cleaning business opportunities are a great way to help busy homeowners create more time for their favorite activities. Owning a house cleaning franchise often provides steady work as a result of this growing market of time-starved homeowners.  Find your perfect house cleaning franchise working with Lewis Trio Senior Franchise Consultant. We use sophisticated tools to determine the best  franchise that is a great fit for you.

Buying a franchise house cleaning business means having a successful franchisor to back your efforts. Established business plans, marketing strategies and brand reputation take away struggle often experienced by business owners who start their venture from the ground up. At The Best Franchises to Own, we help connect you with like-minded franchisors so you find your ideal house cleaning business faster.images

We help you to review all the cleaning and maintenance franchises to discover all your home cleaning business opportunities.


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Day Care Franchise

Day Care Franchise

dc012While children’s franchises come in a number of shapes and sizes, day care business opportunities are ideal for those seeking a fulfilling career, one that plays a necessary role in society. It’s no secret that living comfortably in today’s world often requires that both parents in a two-parent household work, and single parents often have no other recourse. Finding a trustworthy caregiver can be extremely difficult, so children’s day care franchises enjoy a dependable customer base.

Whether you operate children’s franchises that screen prospective caregivers so parents can rest assured that their family and home are in good hands when they’re away, or that provide a nurturing environment at which parents can feel comfortable leaving their children, you’ll earn rewards beyond the economic benefits of simply owning a franchise. You’ll play an important role in a young child’s life. Obvious choices for those purchasing these types of children’s franchises are those skilled in early education and child development, but often the comprehensive training provided to franchise owners mean that ownership requirements simply include the amount of necessary capital and a desire to work with children.

dc7To learn more about children’s day care franchises and whether they’re the right choice for you, explore the information we’ve collected for the business opportunities listed below. If you’re interested in learning more, choose which children’s franchises appeal to you, then complete the contact form and we will supply your information to the franchisors you’ve selected

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Medical Franchises How to buy Medical Franchises, Learn about Medical Franchises

Medical Franchises

For those looking into starting businesses in the medical field, there are certainly plenty of options to consider. Medical franchises come in a variety of forms, from businesses centered on training and support, to medical supply franchises and health care providers.

collage medical Supply FranchisesWith so many medical franchises to choose from, finding the one that fits your business goals used to be difficult. But with the help of, franchisees now have access to the franchise selections and resources they need to make an informed decision about which medical franchises work for them.

At, our full directory of franchise opportunities contains every franchise we have found, worldwide. We are also continually adding new franchises to our directory, so if there’s a specific franchise you’re interested in, you’ll find in on

Our listings include a wide variety of business opportunities, including a selection of medical franchises. You can learn more about the available franchise opportunities by consulting the list below.

m011As the franchise industry’s source for news, provides up-to-date information and advice for franchisors, including resources specific to individual franchise industries such as medical franchises. If you’re in the process of researching which medical franchises best suit your personal and business goals, you’ll find the information you need at

To learn more, select one of the available medical franchises below, or fill out the request form and will supply your contact information to your franchises of interest.

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Jimmy Johns Franchise

Jimmy Johns Franchise

Jimmy Johns Franchise



Jimmy John’s franchisees pay an initial franchise fee of $35,000. Fees for subsequent stores are $30,000 respectively.

Individuals typically need a minimum of $80,000 in non-borrowed personal resources to qualify for financing thru third-party lending sources, Jimmy John’s does not provide financing. The total cost of each unit varies by size and location.

Royalty and continuing services fees are 6% of gross sales.

Advertising fees are 4.5%.

How can I open a Jimmy John’s franchise?

store4Jimmy John’s actively seeks highly qualified individuals to become franchisees. Prior business experience, coupled with personal financial qualifications, individual motivation and a track record of success are important factors in our evaluation process. If you are interested in pursuing single or area development opportunities as a Jimmy John’s franchisee, please read the information below and be sure to complete the following brief questionnaire.What is the typical size of a Jimmy John’s location? The average size of a location is approximately 1,200 – 1,800 square feet.

What are the average annual sales of a Jimmy John’s store?

Average 2014 annual sales were $1,367,810. You are welcome to contact existing franchisees to find out what their sales are. Most franchisees are willing to discuss such information with you once it is determined that you are serious about investing in a Jimmy John’s franchise.

What kinds of training can I expect as a franchisee?

All new franchisees participate in an intense 17-day training, then they must enroll in a 4 week mandatory apprenticeship program.

How is food quality and consistency maintained?

All proprietary and contracted food products, with the exception of produce, are delivered by a national distributor to all stores on a weekly basis. Our vegetables are purchased from local sources and are delivered to your store fresh daily. In this manner, the high quality Jimmy John’s sandwich you enjoy in Champaign, Illinois is the same as the tasty sandwich we make for you in St. George, Utah or any other Jimmy John’s location.

Click the link at the bottom of this video or in the description box to receive your  FREE copy of The Insider’s Guide To Franchise Ownership

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Subway Franchise Cost


Subway Franchise Cost


own subwayHow much is the SUBWAY Franchise Fee? The initial franchise fee is $15,000. If qualified to purchase additional locations, the franchise fee is $7,500.


What is the term of a SUBWAY franchise? The $15,000 franchise fee purchases a franchise honored for twenty years.  This franchise is renewable for an additional twenty years with no other franchise fees.


What are SUBWAY restaurants Capital Requirements? The total investment can range from $114,800 to $258,300 for traditional locations and $84,300 to $200,100 for non-traditional locations.  This includes your franchise fee, construction and equipment costs as well as operating capital.


How do I secure SUBWAY equipment? You may purchase SUBWAY equipment outright with cash or with a secure loan.  The SUBWAY franchise system also offers an equipment leasing package that requires a security deposit of 10% of the equipment costs, with a minimum of $1,000. The lease payments are for 60 months.  At the end of the lease term you may purchase the equipment for 10% of the original value.


What kind of training is available to new franchisees? Training is for two weeks, 50% in class and 50% in store training.


How much money can I expect to make and what is my return on investment? Subway does not provide an earnings claim.


How do I secure a new location? New locations approved for development by SUBWAY will be provided to you during the qualifying process.  You may also submit a location that you find. We will investigate your location and provide you with analysis of its viability for development.


Who negotiates the lease? Subway initially negotiates the terms of a lease and signs the master lease. You will sign a sub-lease and you will pay rent directly to the landlord each month.


Where do I purchase food for my restaurant? All franchisees are required to order food from an approved vendor.


Is operational support available? Each franchisee is assigned a field consultant to help you meet SUBWAY standards of operation.


How do I advertise my SUBWAY?  Franchisees pay 4.5 % royalty to the Subway Franchise Advertising Fund each week.  Those funds help pay for SUBWAY national advertising.  Franchisees are also encouraged to advertise to their local customer base

Veteran Business Loans

Veteran Business Loans





Veteran Business Loans




5 Simple Steps for veterans to Prepare Your Credit to Buy a Business

A lot of preparation goes into launching a start-up, from determining what kind of industry you’re interested in to developing your business model. But of equal importance is a step that many aspiring entrepreneurs overlook: getting your credit in shape.

Credit has a large impact not only on whether you’ll be able to acquire business financing, but also on the repayment terms. Naturally, those with the best credit get the lowest interest rates and most preferable options. Here are five tips you should act on now to start prepping your credit for business ownership:

Don’t procrastinate paying bills. It may not seem like a big deal, but making just a few late payments, especially on credit cards, can have a big impact on your credit score. It could make potential lenders believe you’re a risky investment. If you find it hard to pay bills on time, consider registering for auto-payments or setting up monthly calendar reminders so you’ll always be notified of due dates.

Don’t close unused credit cards. It sounds counterintuitive to keep credit cards that are paid off active, but it’s a good idea if you want your credit score to inch up. By keeping cards with zero balances open, it benefits your credit utilization score (the amount of credit you’ve incurred versus total credit limits) — a sign that you know how to limit spending.

Use only 40 percent of your credit limit. This is another tip that will help your credit utilization score. When you use credit cards, don’t exceed more than 40 percent of the credit limit per card. Instead, spread your debt out among several cards.

Keep separate accounts from your spouse. Don’t jump the gun when it comes to merging accounts when you marry. By keeping your financial accounts separated, you’ll have your choice of accounts to use when applying for business financing. Plus, in the case of an economic setback, you can salvage one account to be used for credit purposes.
Leave loan applications to the experts. Before you start filling out multiple credit applications online, keep in mind that each submission means another inquiry to your credit report. Since more than two inquiries can decrease your credit score, you’d be better off employing a reputable company who already knows which lenders to pursue.

By following these five steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding lenders who will give you the best financing rates, and that means you’ll save more money to invest in your new business.

Opening a Whataburger Franchise

Opening a Whataburger Franchise


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If you want to start your own Whataburger franchise, there are few important things that you must put into consideration. Also, there are some qualifications that you need to have on order for you to be qualified as a franchisee of Whataburger.

Here are some of the things that you should know about opening a Whataburger Franchise.

The first thing that you should do when you are opening a Whataburger franchise is to make sure that you really like what you are doing. In simpler terms, see to it that you are sure that you really want to open a Whataburger franchise.

After doing so, the next thing that you should consider is the profit. Conduct a little research about the franchise company itself to somehow have an idea on how much you will be earning since the franchise company will not be able to provide you with exact figures on to how much you will have to earn if you will become their franchisee. It would help if you talk to current or previous franchisees of Whataburger and ask them about their income during their business venture. If you like what they have told you, so there is no reason for you to not continue opening your very own Whataburger franchise.

The history and background of the company is also information that you should research about. Since you will be dealing with the company especially during the early stages of your business career, you should know the type of people that you will be dealing with. This is to ensure that you will be able to somehow have an idea on what type of person they are; so you will be able to make adjustments if necessary.

Another important factor that you should consider when you are planning to open a Whataburger franchise is the capital. Opening a Whataburger franchise requires a significant amount of money to be invested. In average, the total amount of money that you will have to invest is around $1,200,000. So you better make sure that you really want to start a Whataburger franchise and see to it that you will have the ample resources for you to be able to actually open one.

Just like many other franchise companies, Whataburger does not allow their franchisees to start their business if they do not have the necessary knowledge especially the basic things about running and operating the business itself. Whataburger requires every franchisee to attend training and seminars to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge in order for them to be successful in their business.

Lastly, if in case that you encounter problems which are not covered or discussed to you during the training and seminars, worry not because Whataburger will provide you on-going support to ensure that you will have the assistance that you need whenever you need it.

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